Relocating with a Piano: A Daunting Task

Expert tips from a moving company on moving and storing a piano

A piano is a great addition to a home. Yet, it can also be one of the most daunting items to move both over long and short distances. However, there are ways which can help you make this task easier. Here are some of them offered by a professional piano moving service provider.

Leave the moving to a professional: it will save you taking unwanted risks

When it comes to the moving & storage of such a large and heavy instrument, it is best to leave it to a professional company. This is due to the risks that doing it yourself presents. These include the risk of injury in the form of broken limbs from trips or falls and spinal problems due to lifting the heavy instrument. There is also the risk of causing damage to both the piano and its surroundings, especially when taking it downstairs.

When storing choose a climate controlled storage unit

When searching for a storage unit for your piano, opt for ones which have climate control. This will help reduce, or even eliminate, the possibility of damage occurring, due to temperature extremes or high humidity levels that would warp the wooden casing, and distort the sound. It will also minimize the amount of tuning your instrument will need when it is taken out. This, in turn, will reduce the cost of having this task done, especially if you have an older more antique model.

Relocating and storing a piano can be quite daunting. This is due to the weight and dimensions of the instrument. It is because of this you should choose a professional to move it for you. Also be sure to rent a climate-controlled storage unit. If you would like to learn more about moving and storing such a large item, contact a professional moving company. One such service provider is 3 Guys Moving Riverview in Riverview, FL, call us today to find out about other services we provide.


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