Frequently Asked Questions

Is your janitorial service delivering what they promised? Do you see dirty areas in your premises? Are they saving you time and money? The answers to those questions will determine the reliability the company you hire. If your business is located in Riverview, FL and you haven’t found the right company for your cleaning needs, 3 Guys Moving Riverview is here for you. If you wish to know more, below are some of the most typical questions we get asked by our new clients:

  • What jobs do you handle? Our service provider has a substantial amount of skills and qualifications to tackle both residential and commercial cleaning projects. You can hire us for move-in and move-out cleans as well. Office and apartment cleaning are a part of our services too.

  • Why should I trust you? We do understand that finding the right cleaning company in the sea of cleaners and housekeepers can be difficult. However, what makes us one of the best is that all our janitors are well-trained and scrupulous, and we never make compromises with the quality of our work. You can also read some of our clients’ testimonials on our website.

  • Do you offer customized cleaning plans? As there are no two homes or businesses alike, each household or company has their own needs and requirements. As soon as our cleaners conduct an initial inspection of the area, we will offer you a customized cleaning schedule.

  • Are you bonded and insured? Yes, of course. 3 Guys Moving Riverview is a licensed, bonded, and insured janitorial service provider. We offer quality work at fair rates.

  • Do you supply everything you need for the job? Yes, our cleaners bring supplies and provide the cleaning solutions suited to your requirements.

  • How frequently do I have to call your team? This is a very common query that we get almost every day. To tell you that, we have to do a walkthrough of your house or business. That means taking a good look at the condition of your property and your cleaning needs. For example, a small and modest one-story house will maybe need our professional services once a month, but a three-story residence may need a bi-weekly service.

  • I have a lot of dirt and dust in my office. Can you take care of it? Absolutely! You can count on our staff for diligence and 100% satisfaction. The key to is the strict organization and time management that we invest into each project.

  • Does move-out cleaning make sense? Our cleaners always recommend all our customers consider move-out cleaning tasks because this is a matter of reputation and avoiding fines at the same time. Leaving the place you have occupied for years in a spic-and-span condition will help you avoid paying fines that some condominiums impose.

  • Do you offer free estimates? Yes. Just click on the relevant button on our website or give us a call at (813) 252-0311.

  • Can I not manage my home myself? Probably you could. But every once in a while, you will need to book our residential & janitorial service for deep treatment. Our team knows the dust tends to accumulate the most. To all our customers in Riverview, FL, we do recommend you consider a reliable service every few months for a neat and healthy home environment.